Our vision for the future and where it all began...


Everyone is lost when they finish school, let’s arm them with information…

– John E Collins

CareerLounge was conceived in the kitchen over dinner as a then 19 year old John E Collins was chatting with his mother (Dominique Fisher) about his first weeks at Monash University. Frustrated by the process of choosing his degree and the next steps on his professional journey, John believed there had to be a better way. Dominique agreed and the next day, they started on a business plan…

About Us

CareerLounge is a privately held company founded in 2008. Supported by a small group of passionate shareholders and phenomenal advisory board, there is no shortage of wisdom, top to bottom. With access to this wisdom, CareerLounge’s in-house team of developers, business marketers and online community specialists are charting new territory everyday.



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CareerLounge Pty Ltd

Melbourne, AUS
Established: 2008
15+ Employees