Event Roundup: Escape the Corporate World and Pursue the Work You Love

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On 22nd September, CareerLounge teamed up with General Assembly to host an evening of inspired discussions about breaking free from the corporate world.

Along with our very own John Collins, panel members from The Men’s Collective, Oliver & York, Max.as, and Jetstar offered a huge amount of advice for people at every stage of the startup journey.

Some of our favourite nuggets of wisdom were…

  • Cash is king: make sure you have a money buffer for the down times.
  • Don’t be soft: get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Find a mentor: learn from those who’ve gone bravely before.
  • Define your goal: then fixate on it and you’ll eventually hit it.
  • Follow your passion: follow your heart and you can’t fail.

We were blown away by the turnout on the night and the engagement of the everyone in the audience; John was put to the test with great questions from some very talented people! We hope that everyone learnt as much as we did.

A massive thank you to General Assembly for having us and being such great hosts. We can’t wait to work together on the next instalment. If you happened to miss us on the night, make sure to follow us online to stay in the loop for next time.

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