New Crew Interview – Ashley Pettit

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Coming on as a Junior Software Developer, Ashley Pettit is the newest addition to the CareerLounge Engineering team.

We first met Ashley at our General Assembly testing session a few months ago, and were taken aback by his keen interest in the product and his unique perspective on all things web development. Since joining the team a few weeks ago, he’s applied his love of code and web development to help us shake up the world of employment. We asked him a few questions to see what else he loves in life…

1. What brought you to CareerLounge?

I came for the technical challenge. I wanted to be part of a team helping reinvent job searching. Right now, how we connect employers and employees is so dated and inefficient – surely there has to be a better way. That’s what we’re working towards!

2. What fictional character are you most like?

Frodo, purely for the hair. It was actually my brothers nickname for me. Apparently according to my cousin I also have hobbit feet.

3. Describe your perfect Sunday.

On a warm beach with warm water: lying around, swimming and then having some cocktails. My fondest memories are still of my Thailand holidays.

4. If you could pick any city in the world to live where would it be?

Probably San Francisco. Right now I have an obsession with the tech scene and would love to live somewhere that is pretty much the tech hub of the world. Other than that I love Sweden for its culture and Bryon Bay for its weather and relaxed way of life.

5. What’s your poison?

Espresso Martinis.

6. What’s your strangest talent?


7. Tell us one thing most people probably don’t know about you.

I hate going to IKEA. The place freaks me out.

8. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done to date?

Skydiving. It was terrifying!

9. Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

Let’s be honest the dragon would likely eat me so I don’t reckon I’d like to have one. Flying around the world on the other hand would be really cool so I’ll take that offer!

10. What’s your favourite tradition?

Family Christmas at the Grandparents farm down at Lake Tyers. Spending time with all the cousins, going out boating and wrangling a cow or two.

As you can probably tell, Ashley is quite the character and adds an interesting dynamic to every conversation and situation he’s faced with! We couldn’t be happier to have him on the CareerLounge team with us. Now we just need to find a few local happy hours with Espresso Martinis!

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