Student Challenge

Student Challenge

When talking to students about the current situation for youth employment in today’s job market the same problem keeps surfacing –
“How do I get a job without experience?
And how do I get experience without a job?”

Employer Challenge

Employer Challenge

Current services around entry-level employment are clumsy, overpriced and often producing hundreds of irrelevant applicants to be sorted. Plus, we learned about a few obvious problems –
“Students need time and training in the workplace to get up to speed.”
“How can Students commit when they don’t know what they’re applying for?”

Paddl Students

Paddl for Students

Paddl helps students gain industry relevant experience that complements their education.

Students can browse for casual jobs immediate to both their campus and field of study, easily applying by answering a few simple questions.

They’re able to gain invaluable industry experience and get paid when they work for a Paddl Employer, maximising chances of employment upon graduation.

Paddl for Employers

Paddl connects businesses to students enrolled in relevant courses to fill casual and part-time positions.

Employers will be able to enjoy quality over quantity, with applicants filtered by industry, course and location.

Suitability can be assessed through answered questions, making engagement with pre-screened applicants quick and easy.

Paddl Employers
Paddl Educators

Paddl for Educators

Educators can increase employment outcomes for students on, if not before, graduation.

When Educators work with Paddl they’re able to increase employment prospects for students by enabling them to gain practical industry experience.

Educators can build deep industry connections when their 
students work for Paddl Employers.

Paddl Clients

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