Paddl Feature Release: Employer Tools

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Employer Tools for Paddl is CareerLounge’s biggest feature release since launching in March and an innovative tool for businesses.

Paddl’s Employer Tools were created with efficient hiring in mind, and are intuitive and easy to use. They make recruiting for casual and part-time jobs easier with a simple and streamlined process. Paddl connects students to work opportunities relevant to their studies, and businesses to students ready to gain experience in their industry.

With Paddl employers can:

  • Create an Employer Profile for free
  • Manage their own profile, job listings and prospective candidates
  • Create a customised screening process of applicants
  • View applications from only qualified Students
  • Chat directly with applicants within Paddl
  • Create a talent pool to draw on for future hires.

When building these tools, we made sure we were creating something that not only cut the red tape and delivered the best hiring features for employers, but was efficient, looked beautiful and was easy to use. What we’ve constructed with Employer Tools for Paddl today sets Paddl up to be adaptable for the needs of the future.

Paddl for Business, and its new features, lets employers find students ready to gain experience and to be moulded into valuable employees.

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